Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine
September 30, 2014
Bar Harbor was a colorful and interesting place. 
One could just walk around town and the harbor and have a good time.

I was looking forward to see the changing of the colors. Years ago when we lived in Maryland and I worked downtown Washington, D.C., Christine and I traveled the east coast to Mystic, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, just to see the changing of the colors. Although it was a good trip, we missed the big show of colors. Upon return, the following week, as I drove through Rock Creek Park (D.C.), the trees were spectacular. I thought, "duh." But, I don't think we would have cancelled the trip even had I known that a better show was in my back yard.
So on this tour, I concentrated on getting as many shots as I could of the beautiful trees--and landscape. 
The quaint main street.
Most of the pictures speak for themselves so there will not be a need for a lot of commentary.
Most of the following pictures are from Acadia National Park.


 Thunder Hole
 Water will recede with the roll of the ocean.
 But when the waves come back and hit the end of the tunnel, the sound is awesome--hence--Thunder Hole.

 Tour over, I stepped out on the balcony of the ship to see the sights just off our railing.
As I stood there, a small ship sailed by and made the scenery even more tranquil. One could spend his whole vacation at Bar Harbor and go back home relaxed.


  1. You picked the VERY BEST time to visit that tourist Mecca! In the summer, the place is so overrun, it is impossible to even get a decent photo without a crowd of strangers in it.