Friday, February 20, 2015

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island
September 28, 2014
 Claiborne Pell Bridge and Rose Island Lighthouse.
Across from our docking pier was Fort Adams State Park. Fort Adams had a long military history but now is more of a tourist attraction.
Before we started on our walking tour of Newport, we explored the ship. One of the novelty items was a see-through walk built over the ship and water.   
It was eerie walking on "thin ice" above everything.
Christine loved the walk, I skirted most of it and took pictures from a safe distance.
The walking tour started just a few blocks into town at the "center". The most famous street was Thames Street. At the point where we were, we could turn right and explore the historic shopping stores, or turn left and see historic early colonial houses. We turned left.
 Thames Street is not very long but packed with old historical houses. Most of the houses that had a plaque on front were built in the 1700's.
Joseph C. House, valued at over $600,000 so I will not mention the home values on this street again.

David Broman House, 1706.
15 Thames Street is now the Thames Street Guest House
My budget guest house.

 Our leisurely walk allowed us time to smell the flowers.
I like the laid back porch theme. I wonder if it is just decoration.
The Newport train depot, like many, is now just a tourist attraction.

Nice way to end a relaxing day.

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