Monday, March 4, 2013

Barcelona, Spain--Cycling Tour (Part 2)

 Columbus Statue
The monument of Christopher Columbus is placed at the site where he arrived in 1493 after his discovery of America the year before. Trivia: Columbus is pointing to the ocean but not in the direction of the new world he discovered.  
Aduana Building.
An old customs building constructed in 1902 
 constrasts with a modern skyscraper.
 Port of Barcelona Building.
Old architecture on our way to the beach.  
 Christine stopped by another red light, but we are almost to the beach.
Not sure if they are locals or tourists but the beach was crowded. 
Break time.
The break time allowed me to look around. Down the boulevard were two new skyscrapers. On the left is the Hotel Arts, one of the tallest buildings in the city.
The Peix in the Port Olimpic.
The Peix is Bacelona's golden fish sculpture, one of many pieces of public art found in and around the city. 

After the break, we biked to another location overlooking the beach. Men, just to the right down on the beach were four topless sunbathers. However, since Christine is the blog editor (and censor), you will just have to take my word for it.
After the beach, we cycled through the Parc de la Ciutadella. For decades, the park was the only green area in the city. It is still a great place to visit.  
Mamoth statue.
The lake is a very popular attraction in the park. It was a rather hot day and the sight was refreshing.

Arc de Triomf
Way down the end of the walkway is a triumphal arch built for the 1888 Exposition. On the reddish brickwork are the words "Barcelona rep les nacions" meaning Barcelona welcomes the nations.   
Another example of modern art work with a medieval backdrop. (Personally I like the fish better than the toothpick).
I thought I was peeping into a nice home. But if you go through this door and stay long enough, you can come out of the Institute with a Masters Degree in the "study and analysis of legal and political issues related to the development of self-government and political decentralization within Spain". (I like my Masters Degree better).  
Bell Tower at the end of the ride.
All we had to do is cross the bridge to get back to the ship. However, we were going to stay in port for another day in Barcelona. Stay tuned.  

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