Monday, September 17, 2012

Fort Davis State Park

 Friday, September 14, 2012
Fort Davis State Park
Friday we left San Angelo to head out to Fort Davis for the annual Fort Davis Cyclefest. We arrived too late to get in a good ride so we decided to visit the Fort Davis State Park just out of town.
 Even if it gets me into trouble, the reason we arrived late was that Christine had made an appointment for a pedicure before the bike ride!!?? You need pretty toe nails to go into a cycling shoe??? I guess you have to be a woman to understand the process. (Editor's note: there are some appointments one does NOT break.)
 Anyway, the State Park was scenic, a little chilly (for us), but overall a nice afternoon.
 We came upon a structure that we were sure had a roof the last time we visited (several years back).
 As we looked around, mystery solved: last year's early spring wild fires.

 Then we came upon another structure that was still intact. Just behind me was a parking lot that probably diverted the fire path.
 Fort Davis down in the "valley." Fort Davis has an elevation of 5,050 feet--almost a mile high.
 A lone (lonely?) ranch house. I guess if you wanted to get away from it all, this is not only isolated but pretty.
Time to go back into town for dinner with friends who were also in town for the ride.


  1. Hello, did you ride Saturday? I went to the event registration on Friday at 9:00 PM, but no one was in the office (stated to be open until 10:00 PM); then it rained all morning starting at 6:00 AM or so; so I just went back to Dallas / Fort Worth...

    1. We waited out the rain and rode at noon on Saturday. As such, we just did an out and back for 40 miles.

      Three from San Angelo started in the morning during the rain. One gave up at rest stop 2, just too cold to continue. One had his back tire run over while at a rest stop which ended his ride. Rick completed the ride but said it was cold and miserable.

      Sunday was beautiful but a lot of riders had already left also. It was the smallest turn-out we have seen in the 5 years of attendance.

  2. Beautiful scenery in that part of the world. Great shots.

  3. I saw the guy's bike get run over. It made a sickening crunching sound as it gave up its life.