Monday, May 28, 2012

Knickerbocker Combination

Saturday, May 26, Memorial Day Weekend. The route was going to be a combination of going to Knickerbocker, Tankersley, Guinn Road, and return to the "equalization bridge" staging area. Thirteen of us were to start at this point. Pictured left to right: Dara Jones, Jeremy Jones, Christine Jones (we are not kin to Dara and Jeremy although it would be nice), Eddie Trevino (in green), Connie Dunagan, Mike Blakeman, Brian Backlund, Rick Ogan, Velma Ogan, Donna Durbin, and David Durbin. 
After last weekend, I made it a point to call a ride on the flattest part of Tom Green County that I could find--and still have some scenery, that is. Shown: Velma Ogan and Mike Blakeman.
The ride allowed people to chose various distances: turn around whenever one wanted, 19,32,44,or 63 miles. And different riders opted for the different distances. Christine and Connie, for instance, rode out for 7 miles and turned around.
First leg of the ride accomplished: the little community of Knickerbocker.
 What I had failed to mention first off was that the wind was from the SSE at 19 with gusts up to 27 mph.
To be fair, this ride did indeed have parts that the wind was to our backs so all we had to do was endure the first half of the ride. David, Mike, and Eddie still plowing through the wind.
The start of Memorial Day weekend and the Dove Creek park had quite a few campers/picnickers already.
Close to the finish of the second leg: Tankersley.
Specks at the end are riders who arrived, turned around, and were waiting for the rest of us. Since Tankersley has vanished, the only evidence of such a community is the sign announcing the ghost town.
Arriving back at Knickerbocker to begin the third leg.
Jerry and Cindy Middleton joined the ride outside of their home on the Tankersley road. Jerry won the Pedal Pusher raffle and is sporting his jersey.
Cindy Middleton arrives at Knickerbocker.
Out Guinn Road the wind was still in our faces, and there were a few gentle rollers, but again, nothing like last weekend.
Guinn Road's gentle roller.
Jeremy demonstrates that the sun had broken through the clouds and is starting to heat up. My Garmin registered 102 degrees F on the ride. I believe it.
Mike Blakeman, Jerry, and Cindy Middleton strolling down Guinn Road.
Guinn Road turns into a dirt road marking our turn around point. Eddie, Velma, Mike, Dara, and Jeremy await the rest of us.
Jerry and Cindy round the last corner. Rick is not living dangerously without a helmet. He is testing Velma's bike as she was having trouble shifting.
After Rick fixed Velma's bike, Dara noticed her back tire flat so Rick was in the midst of helping her out. Eddie and Jeremy were helping also. Me? Someone has to hold the camera.
As Velma could now shift and Dara had air in her tires, both flew down the road.
Last regroup stop back at Knickerbocker again.

 Back at the start point. The wind had been at our backs most of the return trip, so our mph averages received a boost.
 Dara and Jeremy demonstrating proof that the sun indeed was shining Texas style.
 There are always a few in every crowd. We three, Eddie, Roy, and Mike, had decided to extend the ride and went back out toward Knickerbocker. The idea was to get in more miles before our local organized ride in a couple of weeks, and to get into shape for Hotter'N Hell Hundred this summer.
 This was would have continued to Knickerbocker. As I didn't want to come back up that hill again (it's 8% even though it doesn't look it) we decided to extend the ride by going on Lagoon Lane in the Dove Creek division. I had forgotten. There was an even worse hill on that Lane, so on the return trip I wasn't very popular. But, we got in our 60 miles which was our objective.

I had mentioned that Christine and Connie had gone out 7 miles and returned. That gave Christine time to SAG for the group. The extra water at the Knickerbocker stops were just what we needed. At the above hill where Eddie, Mike, and I turned around, I gave Christine the camera so she could take some "action" shots of us.
 Well, what does a woman do when she has the camera?
 Spends her time smelling the flowers, that's what.

 Final stretch of the ride. Great finish. Flat and wind to our backs. Only downhill would have made it better.
Mike and I cross the cattle guard to the parking area. Another satisfying ride with a lot of good company.

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  1. Well this trip looks positively boring after the week before, except for the heat and the fields of flowers that is.