Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Bicycling

 The San Angelo Bicycling Association has already had a lot of fun in the Christmas spirit. But first, let's set the stage with a cast of characters. We have Mrs. Claus
And a lot of little helpers.

This weekend was packed with Christmas fun. On Saturday, December 3, the club participated in the Concho Christmas Parade, and on Sunday, we held the annual Ride Through the Christmas Lights along the Concho River. The lights ride is for all of San Angelo and especially families and kids.

The parade was among the kick off activities of San Angelo's Christmas celebration that lasts until December 31. To lead the Christmas cyclers, we had Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
 AKA Christine Jones along with Dorothy Langdon.
Followed by Santa (AKA Roy Jones) with Gene Potter, the incoming SABA president.
And lots of helpers on the ride. Rick, Liz, and Velma.
 Debbie and Bill Yohman
Connie Dunagan
 Kevin and Becky Dierschke
 And many more riders. Of course there were lots of floats; a sampling below:

 No parade is complete without the horses.
 And off we go. It was quite dark so we were glad the parade directors insisted on all participants, floats, etc. to have lights.
 It was a lot of fun to hear the kids (and big kids) shout "There's Santa" and "Hi Santa".

 The route was dark. This is one of the "official" pictures taken by one of the parade organizers.

Next day: Ride Through the Lights

 Despite the weather of "feels like 36" with a threat of rain (did sprinkle on us), a lot of "big kids" showed up.
 But this is what the ride was all about.
Santa led the group out, but was quickly overtaken by some young riders.
And then more riders.
Kids demonstrating our club's no-drop style of riding. "Fast" ones hold up and wait for the others to catch up.
And while we were waiting, Rick and Velma roll in with their tandem. Before the year ends, we really want to thank Rick and Velma for all their help and work for the club this year. Velma served as the vice-president and did an outstanding job. And Rick was the high non-officer volunteer of the year. Thanks, thanks to both of you.
Not many of Santa's photos came out so I would like to end the story with the coverage of the event by our local television station: Follow this link


  1. Looks like you guys have already got the Christmas spirit! I see the paparazzi is following around Santa, as usual. Also, props to Mrs. Claus on angling for more cookies ;)

  2. @Edie: It's OK that Mrs. Claus is asking for cookies for Santa. In his off season, Santa works out using exercises guided by a certified personal trainer! : )

  3. Fabulous fun! You guys make me smile.