Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Springtown Spin

Springtown Spin
Springtown, Texas
We had never been to the Springtown Spin, and as of a matter of fact, had never heard of Springtown before. But we had a free weekend between local events and headed out for a new adventure. Turns out, Springtown is just 16 miles northeast of Weatherford (Peach Pedal). The ride at Weatherford was south of Interstate 20. The ride at Springtown was north of Interstate 20. So? We assumed that the terrain would be similar--somewhat level ride, some nice rolling hills with a few 8% grades thrown in. Well, the short story is the terrain North of the Interstate is hill after hill after...
 Although it was toward the end of October, the weather was still nice, and over 200 riders lined up for the start.
 As I was taking this picture, I heard a clatter behind me. I looked around and...well, I will let Christine tell you in her own words. ("All I'm going to admit to is that the incident was one of those beginner errors which has happened to 'all of us.' Knowing this didn't make the fall less humiliating. And the ride hadn't even begun! I unclipped my left foot but mysteriouly my weight shifted to the right. My elbow and knee are nearly healed.")
 I like farm/ranch scenery, and I found this scene rather humanistic. I call this shot the Cow Chow Line. (Enlarge)
 Immediately into the ride, the rollers started rolling.
 Inclines never seem dramatic in a camera shot. But my bike is so sensitive that it thinks going up a handicap ramp is Pikes Peak, Colorado.
 Of course you have to get off a hill sometime, it just seems you pedal for a mile getting to the top and roll down for a quarter mile.
 So that I will not over exaggerate, there were some flat parts to the ride.
 Rural road (one lane)
 Road leading through a tunnel.
 Christine loves downhills. She can coast faster than I can pedal down a hill.
 Repeatedly, on this ride just as soon as you roll down a hill, you look up and see another one coming up.
 I don't know. It was just a statue in the middle of a field and I thought it was neat. Surely there is a story behind it.
 This ride reminded us of Munster. Sixty miles similar to our local Burma Road.
 Even Munster and Burma Road have their "downside".
And then the long stretch back into town.
End of story? No. There was a BBQ lunch waiting for us at the end of the ride. It tasted so great. But, they had started feeding the short rides at 11 a.m. We got our sandwich at 2 p.m. Note to ride organizers. Don't put all your sandwiches out at one time.

As I mentioned, they tasted so great. I ate the very same things that Chris did, but by the time we freshened up and changed clothes, Christine was having stomach aches. It became worse and worse. Her stomach bloated like Jabba the Hut and although she has a high pain threshold, she hurt.
By the time we got to San Angelo, it was emergency room time. We spent most of our Saturday night in the ER while Christine was treated for food poisoning.
What a memorable weekend. An embarrasing fall with cuts and abrasions, sixty miles of hill after hill, food poisoning, and a sleepless night. Can't wait for next year's Springtown Spin.


  1. It sounds like the only time Christine "might" have had fun was the 60 miles between the fall and the food poisoning. How is it that she wound up with food poisoning and you coasted through unscathed?
    Just checking out the pictures... wow, there's greenery down there now and everything.

  2. Yeah, when Roy gets stopped for speeding he gets only warnings. You're right, tho,' it was fun between the fall and food poisoning. You're very observant, too. That northeastern part of TX has rec'd more rain. Most of TX is still in severe drought.

    Are you training for the 2012 Hotter'n Hell? Roy is determined to do 100 next year. We'll all leave at the 6:30 a.m. start.

  3. Sorry for the delay in responding. Yeah, I've got the HH100 on my agenda. I haven't been able to ride recently but I've been in the gym doing strength training. I'll follow your lead for the start of the race... and pull when it's my turn ;)

  4. Good Grief, Charlie Brown! You guys are suckers for punishment.