Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mount Locke Race

September 18. 2011
Fort Davis, Texas
Mount Locke Race Day
 We got up early in order to get to the staging area and catch a shuttle bus up to the top of Mount Locke. (We didn't take a shuttle one year and the hike was a toughie until we were picked up by a kind soul who had authority to drive up to the finish line).
On the way, we would pass riders warming up for the upcoming race.
 Staging area for the 7-mile racers. Somewhere in the crowd were Rick Ogan, Brian Backlund, Bill Yohman, and Marlon Miller from San Angelo.
 Up there was their destination.
 Staging area for the 1 1/2 milers.
 Present was Ed Todd, Midland Reporter Telegram reporter, and good friend.
 Enlarge the photo and the road up to the finish line looks like it goes forever.
 One of the observartories on Mount Locke. The McDonald observatories are operated by the University of Texas. Hook'em Horns!
 Across the way on Mount Fowlkes is the third observatory.
 Road on the way up.
 At the finish line were some of the main squeezes of the racers (except Christine Jones). From left, Velma Ogan (Rick), Christine (Me), Debbie Yohman (Bill), and Joy Smith (Marlon).
 The 1 1/2 milers began to arrive. The girl placed third in the ladies' category.
 Girls enjoying themselves as all they had to do was root for the riders.
 Some made it up the 17% incline.
 Some didn't. The lady was encouraging her husband. There was no criticism in her voice.
 It was a tough climb.
 Hats off to this rider. He still had enough legs to stand and pedal.
 While recumbants do not have a reputation of being hill climbers, this rider proved the stereotype to be wrong.
 View of the riders. Best to keep the head down rather than see what still lies ahead.
San Angelo Mount Locke challengers at the finish line. Marlon, Rick, Bill, and Brian. 
 And Ed.
 He made it!!
 At the awards area, Ed has his Mount Locke hat and is about to be awarded the Red Lantern award (last up--but made it).
And the San Angelo racers show off their Mount Locke hats. A lot of work to earn it, but gives the owner year-long bragging rights. Great job, guys!


  1. Oh, my gosh. Just looking at the pictures makes my legs (especially my knees) hurt!
    I know I've got one big hill climb on my agenda next year but at least it's a short one.
    Props to those who took on that challenge. I doubt I'd ever do it.

  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks for the tour.