Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Snow Cone Social Ride

 Great timing. The temperature was 104 degrees, so a snow cone sounded good. Not to mention a fine social ride.
 Randy's Bike and Run Shop, the ride sponsor, was the staging point. Mark Seals and David Durbin in forefront. Rick in lime green jersey in background.
Devin Gustafson, our host and ride leader is on the far left. Christine on the right. 
 I never counted, but I heard one person say there were about 20-30 of us participating in the ride.
 Start begins from Randy's. Devin leads out.
 A couple of blocks down the road (at the first shade), we made our first stop to let others who were caught by traffic or a red light catch up.
 Riders on whom we were waiting had to stop again for a stop sign.
 Then off we go again and past our old Sante Fe Railroad depot.
 Another shady spot downtown for the group to catch up again. OK, we were on the wrong side of the street, but there was not shade on the other side, besides, San Angelo's 20 minute rush hour was over. Liz Rappe in the center and Christine to her left.
 A little local history. The two buildings are now Miss Hattie's Restaurant. Miss Hattie's was an infamous bordello located close to Fort Concho. The building to the right at that time was a bank. Legend has it that there was a tunnel from the bank over to Miss Hattie's. Banking customers could go back and forth incognito.
 And past our municipal building. Randy and daughter bring up the rear.
 About this point in the ride, I turn my handlebar to get closer to the edge of the road. The handlebar turned but the wheel continued straight. I made a plaintive cry of "Rick!!!" He heard me a half block away. I told him I had my tools with me but what do I tighten to make the wheel turn  the direction that I turn the handlebar? He patiently talked me through tightening two places on the stem, and I merrily took off again. (Don't ask for technical details, two thingies that you can tighten on the stem)
 Riding along the Concho River. This is the area which also has the Christmas lights we wrote about last December.
 And then a boo boo. I understand there was an attempt to hand off a water bottle and Sarah went too far to the right. Bloody knee and bruised ego.
 But that didn't stop Sarah and we rejoined the other riders.

 Next we went through a quiet residential area.

 Re-group time again. The parking lot is part of Angelo State University.
 One of the university buildings.
 Through residential areas again. Christine to the left, Liz riding far right.
 I think we were going to turn right.
 One of the signs of Dr. Allen, our pets' vet, and the Dr. Allen who plays the saxophone in our yard during our annual Sierra Lights block party each December. (Some may recall Mr. and Mrs. Santa at the block party).
 Destination. Snow cone hut on College Hills.
 Each of us placed an order. Velma is at the order window.
 Snow cones are being prepared. Robin Lomax and Christine patiently wait.
 The picture includes Liz Rangel, standing on the left, Randy Rangel, our host, and his daughter.
 Rick far left, sorry, I didn't meet the gentleman in the baseball cap, Jeff McBride, John, and Lenny.
 Randy visiting with riders. Wish I had panned to the right to see what Velma and Christine are looking at.
 Snow cones and brain freeze about over, and it is socializing time.
The ride was officially over. Slowly, riders mounted and went their ways: some back to Randy's for their vehicles, some off to their houses--which is what Christine and I did. Although we left the car at Randy's, it was just 2-3 miles to our house, so we rode there, picked up the truck, and went to get the car.

Thanks Randy for the ride and snow cones.

Thanks Devin for leading us on the ride.

From all reports, everyone enjoyed the snow cone social ride.

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  1. That "boo boo" on Sarah's knee looked nasty! She's a real sport. I hope she got some free shaved ice for that rash.