Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Group Ride

 Saturday July 30, 2011
Start time: 6:30 a.m.
 Good intentions to start early.
 But first--we noticed Brian and Christine had not left the parking lot when the rest of us did. We went back to check, Christine had a flat before she left the staging area. If she had to have a flat, it was a good place: out of traffic and weeds.
 I liked the shadows we were casting on the field. For a better look, one would have to have been there.

 These were the riders casting the shadows. We were well on our way for our 44 mile round trip.
 And a good morning to you, too.
 First rest stop.
 Well, the winery was discussed as a place to stop, but we had already coordinated to rendezvous at Liz's place near Christoval on the S. Concho River. One might recall we have been having our "annual" Memorial Day ride/picnic on the river.
 Allen Lane was the last leg to our turn around point.
This innocent looking hill hits 12% grade as it rounds the curve. 
 But we have a good ride down the hill.

 As I recall, this one was just an 8% grade.
The wind turbine peeping over the hill is about 345 feet high.  
 Rick, Liz, Velma, and Brian patiently await my arrival. I have deja vous from the Tour de Gap.
 Except this time, Christine is bringing up the rear.
 Rick volunteered to take one more group shot. Christine, Roy, Liz, Velma, and Brian.
 The ride back down Allen Lane takes a lot less time than to go up the road.
Back on Highway 277 to our next stop. One can see why we like the road so much: wide, smooth shoulders. 
 Almost to our next stop.
 Velma Ogan. Forgot if this was before or after her healthy snack of chips and a soda.
 Liz, of course, stuck to her sports drink.
 Christine brought me a king size Payday. I had a smile larger than hers.
 They wouldn't let me get closely enough to hear if the conversation was as spell-binding as it appeared.
 The parade of bikes.
 Even with a smooth road, one's hands and other parts start to become numb.
 The contrast in roads. Door Key Road is the place the club holds its road bike time trials. Although it may appear to be level, the stretch of road used for the time trials is a 12 mile series of rolling hills.
 Back at the parking lot, Brian straps his bike on securely.
And Rick and Velma enjoy a well earned rest.


  1. Is that a Sweatvac ventilator cap under your helmet? How is that working for you? I couldn't even get a thin, wicking, tie-back band to feel comfortable.
    I like the "shadow riders" pictures.

  2. @Edie.Yes, that is my Sweatvac and it has been working wonders. I have only had "salt" in my eyes once since starting to wear it.

    Christine refuses to wear any type of head band. She would rather wipe perspiration from her forehead than get even more helmet hair.

    Did you get the update that due to the heat we have been having, the HHH 100 milers will start at 6 a.m.? The rest will start at the traditional 7:05 a.m. Hell's Gate will close at 12 unless the ride doctors decide to close it earlier.

  3. @ Roy and Christine - Yes, I got the update on the time change. I liked the part in the email that said, "for 100 mile riders who choose to beat the heat..." - Why anyone would sit around waiting until 7:00 AM is beyond me.
    At this point, I have little hope that I'll make Hell's Gate before the close.