Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Outing

Funny how things develop. After Saturday's ride, we discussed doing the routine Monday ride at 6 p.m. Since it was a three day weekend for most people, the Monday ride plans expanded to an 8 a.m. Mount Nebo ride. Mt. Nebo is a fun ride and has good scenery. After everyone left from the Saturday ride, Liz Rappe and I were talking about different ride routes we had done from her house in Christoval last year that were a lot of fun, then she added that maybe we could have a cookout after the ride. And to sweeten the pot, she added that all could swim in the Concho River behind her house, AND if anyone wanted to kayak, she had three to use. Done deal. A lot of people already had plans, but eight of us were able to make it to Liz's house for a day of fun.

Mark Seals, Christine Jones, Rick and Velma Ogan, Liz Rappe, Amanda Brown, Boyd Guthrie.

We were to start our ride through a country-side settlement that had good scenery and very little traffic.

Boyd and his son Tyler on their tandum. Amanda and Liz are next. Christine, Rick, and Velma are hard to identify in the distance. 

One of several times that we crossed the S. Concho River on the ride.
Across from the lilly pads is a popular spot for camping, picnicing, and fishing.
Crossing the Concho again going toward our next adventure of climbing the hills of Allen Lane.

On top of a particularly long hill, Christine, Liz, Mark, Rick, and I paused for a photo op, but the sun was not right. Christine was telling me to turn around and take the shot to my back. I did.

The sun was in a better position to capture the rollers we were about to face.

Rick, Amanda, Liz, Christine, and Velma. Not quite to the turn around point, but a nice place to re-group. The bluff overlooked a pristine valley.
One of many wind turbines at the turn around point.
More wind turbines in the distance as Velma, Liz, Rick, Mark, and Amanda contemplated the distant hill. It looked innocent but at one point has a 12% grade one had to be ready for or pay a price.
But first, I found some nice flowers at the turn around point:

Now it was time to start back to the house for the next round of activities.

Let the picnic begin. Boyd, Velma, Rick, Amanda, and Liz start it out.

I started out cooking. I forgot how I finessed Christine into taking over.
(Editor's note: It wasn't finess; it was incompetence.)
Good food, good conversation, good company.

Did everyone get his fill?

Luke, a nine week old Golden Retriever belonging to Boyd and Amanda exhibited the contentment of the group.
Before all of us imitated Luke, it was time to go down to the river.
   Christine, Velma, and Rick look over the swimming hole. 
Boyd jumps in followed by Tyler and Zach. Zach is Liz's grown Golden Retriever and gets to swim all the time. Below Zach gets to show out and demonstrate how he "retrieves".
After his swim, Zach showed Luke how to dry off by rolling in the dirt and grass. Luke being a good student, imitated Zach, but I was laughing so much that I missed the shot.
Across the river was a tree swing that Boyd, Tyler, and Rick were enjoying. Amanda decided to join them.

After much cajoling, badgering, and "encouragement", I was talked into joining the crowd.

That water looked cold.

Yup, it was.
Everyone took turns swinging out into the river. I confess it had been YEARS since I had done such.

Next, Christine, Velma and I decided to go down to where Liz puts her kayaks in the water.

Kayaks waiting to be put into the water. We decided to return to the house and met Rick going to the kayaks to take a spin. We declined to go with him. Soon Rick returned after a quick tour. Liz, Boyd, and Amanda came back up to the house and were going to load up additional kayaks for all to take a ride. We declined and called it a day. I was beginning to feel like I would like to join Luke in his nap time. 

Before we split up, it was agreed upon to repeat the events in the future.

Memo to self: next time bring a swim suit and beach shoes.  


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  2. That was a great day! What fun it is to have you and Christine as friends. Thank you for planning the day with me! Hope to see you soon down here in this lovely summer weather.

    HHH bound,