Saturday, April 3, 2010


Destination for a group of 10 riders Saturday, April 3.
After last Saturday's ride, it was time to ride a reasonable distance, with reasonalble hills, and with a reasonable wind. The distance was a mere 30 miles, the hills on Arden Road are rollers, and the max wind was forecast for 16 mph. At the start line were Brian Backlund, Christine Buckstead, David and Donna Durbin, Ty Johnson, Christine and Roy Jones, Rick and Velma Ogan, and Kevin Thorton. 

The wind at the start of the ride was about 12 mph and at an angle that makes it nearly impossible to find the draft. Velma jumped out into the lead, and she is so small and low to the ground that she never makes a good wind blocker even on the Monday or Wednesday rides with the wind straight in your face. Many times I have encouraged her to gain weight and grow taller but to no avail. Then Christine Buckstead came up to lead, but she is not a good wind blocker either. Rick came up and is tall enough to provide wind blockage most of the time, but he was going to rein in Velma, and soon I lagged. Back to resistance training even with a carefully chosen route.

Example of the Arden Road rollers.
Eventually Rick stopped to take some action shot pictures of some of the other riders, and that left me trying to catch up to Christine and Velma to announce a re-group stop at the S. Burma intersection.  
I barely had time to dismount before Donna rolled in.
Brian at the Arden-Burma Intersection.

Part of the group approaching the intersection. Pictured are David, Christine J., Kevin, Rick, and Ty.

Christine J., Rick, David, Brian, Kevin, Donna, Ty, Velma (almost hidden), and Christine B.

After a short break, all headed off to the big city of Arden.

About the only original structure left at Arden.

Click on the image to enlarge. Good synopsis of Arden history.

Christine B., Kevin, Donna, David, and Brian taking a break at Arden.

Chris announced that she had a flat, and once again Rick finds himself showing me how to fix a flat with no tools but a pump.

With the crisis of the flat over, Christine gives the pointer of the day: Don't over-mix the zinc in the sun screen lotion. Put in a moderate amount and look in the mirrow before going in public.

'Nuff said.

Velma (lead) and Christine B. heading home. About the time they dropped out of sight, Rick came up and pulled me all the way to the parking lot.

Brian, Kevin, and Ty pulling into the parking lot. Kevin had an outstanding ride considering the ride was his third time out this season.

Donna demonstrating leg stretches to Christine J. Christine B. is doing some kind of stretch. This photographer was just not on the ball when the three ladies were on the pavement doing their leg stretches.

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