Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seven Sisters

Nine riders showed up for a Saturday ride. Brian Backlund, Christine Buckstead, Ty Johnson,  Christine Jones, Roy Jones, Marlon Miller, Rick Ogan,Velma Ogan, and Marshall Yale took off from Mary E. Lee Park (The Beach) to travel the route we call the seven sisters. The 10 mile stretch of FM 2335 from Knickerbocker to the intersection of Highway 277 gets its name from seven major hills in between the two locations. It had been a month since we had ridden this one of our many favorite routes around here.

Marshall, Rick, Velma, and Christine J. "The Beach" in the background.

The weather seemed to apologize for the tempest winds earlier in the week. The temperature was mid-to-upper 70's and the wind was not to get over 10 miles per hour. There were no problems, no flats, no mechanical problems, nor mishaps that would result in a beginners' page. It was a nice, pleasant, social ride.

Brian setting the tone of the ride. Relax, have a good time.

Getting to Knickerbocker is a lot of fun. Mostly the terrain is flat until you start up the hill to the Windy Ridge Ranch. There is a fair amount of climbing and generally we stop to catch our breath and re-group before riding on to the Knickerbocker community.

Velma zooming up the hill.

Christine and Ty almost to the top. Other riders in the background.

Marlon applying the power.

Roy trying to look cool and unperturbed (don't look at the shoulders Randy).
Christine J. cresting the hill. You really have to zoom in tightly to see her smile.
Many thanks to Rick who raced up the hill to get action shots. 

Some may have noticed that there was not a picture of Marshall on the hill. Marshall had ridden with us on one of our Monday rides and he did really well. Early on in the ride I was a little worried about him as I was not sure how he would do on a projected 38 mile ride. But on the flat parts I could see him in my rear view mirror hanging in. When Rick started to take off to get up the hill to take shots, Marshall took off with him. That was just hint as to what he could do. Silly me for worrying about him, someone worry about me. 

Although there was a picture of Velma going up the hill, I had to wait until the pictures were downloaded before I could witness the event. Back at the beach I had told Velma to lead off. She did. I didn't see her again until the Knickerbocker rest stop/re-group area.
Knickerbocker stop. This is what I like about our rides. Stopping? No, the social aspects and conversations as we re-group.

Ty decided to take a picture so I could be in it--center stage. (Ty, the pic you took of your finger over the lens opening is in the out-take section).
The first Sister. In the pictures they never look like much; they are just the kind that are long enough to wear you down.
I wanted a perspective shot so I tried to hurry and take a picture of Rick and Marlon going over the crest. If you want to see them, you will have to click on the picture and use the zoom to see the two little specks in the middle of the right side of the road.

Group patiently waiting for all of us to catch up. Based upon Marshall's performance on the first leg, at Knickerbocker we gave him instructions as to where we would next stop and re-group. And he took off.
Velma, Rick, and Marshall. I asked Marshall if he had been waiting long enough for his muscles to get cold. He politely said, "No," but I didn't believe him.
Brian--I made it this far but I'm not budging. I am saving my legs for tomorrow's time trial.
We gave Marshall the directions for our next leg of the journey and let him fly. The rest of us were out for a Sunday stroll on a Saturday afternoon.
The wind picked up a bit and was in our face so even a loose paceline helped.
Marlon deciding to pass me while I was armed with a camera.
Ride was over, end of a perfect ride, time to pack away our toys.
And then, up rode two riders. Dan's first words, "Are we late again?"

LeAnn and Dan Waldron--finished a ride with their daughters and heading out for another ride.

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