Thursday, July 4, 2019

CVFD Firecracker Run and Ride

Christoval Volunteer Fire Department
Firecracker Run & Ride
Christoval, Texas
July 4, 2019
 Not sure of the number, but a good turn out. Some of the San Angelo attendees: Velma, Rick, and Mel.
 Martha, Lisa (organizer's wife) and Christine.
 Work, work, work. Sebastian (manager of Peyton's Bike, San Angelo) doing some last minute tune up on John's bike.
 Chase, rides a mountain bike but does quite well.
 Chase and his grandpa Brian
 Brenda and Dorothy
Line up time. Bo to lead us off. Good group of enthusiastic riders.
 And we are off. Shown here are Christine, Rick and Velma.
 David up yonder. 
 Amanda and Bill 

 Just a pretty entrance to a ranch.
Speaking of ranches, the entrance to Toenail Ranch. The road upon which we were riding was called Toenail Trail.

 Blurred, but this is Bo, the ride organizer. Glad he was able to ride. Later found out why he was free--he had his wife running the rest stop.
 Fast forward. If there are two bicycles, the race is on. Sabastian had already arrived at the turn around and started back. So, this is second place Mateo.
 Logan third.
 Sorry, can't remember his name.
 Fifth, Marcus on his new Giant.
 Lo and behold. Who was next? Christine and Dorothy. Guess they were first place ladies.
 When I sound like the "race" was over at the turn around, it was because the first 15 miles were largely uphill (we gained 1,093 feet elevation) and into the stiff wind. Going back was a "breeze," so it was just who could go downhill the fastest. 
 I decided to roll down the hill until I found some of our regular ride group people.
 What is aggravating about the next few pictures is that at one time or another I think I have met them but can't recall names.

 Then I found David and turned around to ride with him to the turn around rest stop.
 And whom did we meet? Dorothy and Christine on their stroll and roll back to the finish line.
 At the rest stop, Rick and Velma were there, so I rode back with them.
 We passed Mel and Martha. Martha is still recovering from an earlier injury, so needless to say the uphill and wind were taking a toll.

July 4th across the fruited plain? Anyway, thought it was pretty.
 Hills always look tame from the rolling bike angle.
 But they were not. My Garmin indicated the toughest one at a little over 8% and more 5-6% than I care to count.

 Horse on the right had a "mask" on, so I asked David (front left) about it. The eye parts of the mask have mesh over them to keep the flies from bothering the eyes. Never knew. 
 Just to prove we have some shade in Texas.
 Although the trip back was mostly downhill, there were some ups.
 Christoval High School, so I thought we were entering town.
 Now we are entering town.
Up ahead is the last turn before we cross the finish line. This was the end of the pictures as my mind was totally occupied by the thought of the BBQ dinner at the end of the ride. I (we) were so focused on the great BBQ and sausage with all the trimmings that photos were the last thing on my mind. 
Summary: Great ride, great riders, great volunteers, great BBQ, so the ride verdict was Great! And they announced that this was the 1st Annual, so everyone will have another chance to experience the  second annual ride. 

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